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Index of Articles

Siddhartha Gautama
Grecian Era
Alexander the Great
Early German Settlements
Roman Empire
First Battle Between Romans German Barbarians
Emperor Augustus
Emperor Tiberius
Defeat of Varus
Emperor Gaius Caligula
Emperor Nero
Roman Occupation of Britain - Iceni Insurrection
Emperor Galba
Emperor Otho
Emperor Vitellius
Emperor Vespasian
Emperor Titus
Emperor Domitian
Emperor Nerva
Emperor Trajan
Emperor Hadrian
Emperor Antonius Pius
Emperor Marcus Aurelius
Emperor Commodus Aurelius
Emperor Pertinax
Emperor Didus Julianus
Emperor Septimius Severus
Emperor Antoninus Caracalla
Emperor Macrinus
Emperor Diadumenianus
Emperor Elagabalus
Emperor Severus Alexander
Emperor Maximinus Thrax
Emperor Gordian I
Emperor Gordian III
Emperor Philip
Emperor Philip Iunior
Emperor Decius
Emperor Trebonianus Gallus
Emperor Aemilius Aemilianus
Emperor Valerian
Emperor Gallienus
Era of Gallic Emperors
Emperor Claudius Gothicus
Emperor Aurelian
Emperor Tacitus
Emperor Florianus
Emperor Probus
Emperor Carus
Emperor Numerianus
Emperor Carinus
Emperor Diocletian
Emperor Maximianus Herculius
Era of British Emperors
Emperor Constantius I Chlorus
Emperor Galerius
Emperor Maximinus Daia
Emperor Severus II
Emperor Constantine I
Emperor Licinius
Emperor Constantine II
Emperor Constans I
Emperor Constantius II
Emperor Julian
Emperor Jovian
Emperor Valentinian I
Emperor Valens
Emperor Gratian
Emperor Valentinian II
Emperor Theodosius I
Emperor Honorius
Britain is Invaded by Germans
Emperor Valentinian III
Attila the Hun
Vandals Capture African Territory
Vandals Attack Rome
Emperor Maximus
Emperor Avitus
Emperor Majorian
Emperor Libius Severus
Emperor Anthemius
Emperor Olybrius
Emperor Glycerius
Emperor Julius Nepos
Dark Ages
Emperor Romulus Augustulus
Fall of the Roman Empire
Theodoric, Ruler of Italy
Middle Ages
Emperor Justinian I
Africa is Restored to the Roman Empire
Italy is Invaded by the Lombards
Renaissance and the Age of Exploration
French and Industrial Revolutions
The Alaska Purchase
United States and Samana Bay
The Venezuala-British Guiana Boundary Dispute
Treaty of Portsmouth
The World Wars
Franklin Roosevelt and the New Deal
Philippine Insurrection and Independence
Post World War I: Debt and Economics
Pearl Harbor is Attacked by Japan
Cold War
21st Century

History Fact of the Month
Did you know ...

The Origin of Valentine's Day?

Valentines day dates back to Roman times, when a holiday called The Feast of Lubercus was celebrated to protect shepherds and their flocks from wolves. During this time of year, goddess Juno Februata was honored by pairing boys and girls and denoting them 'partners' for a year.

Pope Gelasius declared February 14 St. Valentine's Day around 497 AD, in an effort to replace pagan holidays with Christian tradition. Although the pairing ritual was banished, romance remains the distinctive attribute of this holiday.

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